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A True Revolution in Healthcare

$79/month & NO additional out of pocket expenses.

RediCare VIP removes the barriers to Primary & Urgent Care!

No More Deductibles, Co-Pays, or Post Visit Invoices.

Did you know the average family spends approx. $4,000 per year for everyday healthcare? That’s with insurance!

Eliminate the anxiety of post-visit invoices with RediCare VIP.

Zero Visit Limitations, Ever!

With RediCare VIP, you never need to restrict your family from the care they deserve.

Medical Needs

With over 200 services included, your typical medical and health needs are met.

From potential broken bones to poison ivy outbreaks,  RediCare VIP has you covered!

Unlimited Children

That’s right; unlimited children, unlimited visits.

No matter how big or small your family size, be prepared for bumps, bruises, bug bites and bacteria!

Medical Labs

RediCare VIP includes over 1,000 lab tests.

From annual exams to chronic disease care and no lab bill, guaranteed


Your VIP care also includes exclusive prescription discounts. 

RediCare protects you, and your families health, along with your pocketbook!


What Is RediCare VIP?

RediCare VIP is a private membership organization which provides a ‘gold standard’ healthcare program. RediCare VIP is designed to be affordable for families of any size and offer unlimited access to exceptional medical care.

RediCare VIP is not insurance, nor is it meant to be a substitute for major medical insurance.  In a world of high co-pays and deductibles, RediCare VIP’s mission is to make everyday healthcare available to families without financial concerns.

Over 200 services are included as well as 1000’s of lab tests and Rx discounts. RediCare VIP is a true revolution in personal healthcare with additional locations growing all the time.

Who Is RediCare VIP For?


Using RediCare VIP for your everyday primary and urgent care needs ensures you are not triggering potential co-pay, deductible, or post-visit invoice expenses.

With unlimited visits and children included, RediCare VIP can help reduce annual healthcare expenses and/or the risk of a financial crisis. Unexpected emergencies happen, when it comes to your families health, safer is wiser.

Memberships are offered on monthly or annual billing cycles. 

How Does it Work?

RediCare VIP’s enjoy exceptional healthcare and innovative technology!

Locating your nearest clinic and membership information is a breeze.

Complete the 5 simple steps to get started!

1: Download the Mobile App

Click HERE to get it!

2: Enter Your Mobile Number or Email

This will serve as your unique username for logging in.

3: VIP Code?

If applicable, enter your VIP access code. If not, continue on.

4: Complete Registration

Fill out your basic information.

5: Just follow RIVA

You’re all set! Now RIVA (Your RediCare Interactive Virtual Assistant) will help show you around!

Your RediCare VIP Personal Health Manager conveniently stores everything you need. The locations map displays the clinics nearest to you and your electronic membership card is always just a click away.

RediCare VIP Membership Packages

1 Adult + Unlimited Children

If you’re covering just yourself or, you and your children, this is the plan for you! It does not matter if you have one child, or eight.

Just Select RediCare VIP1+ Once you Are In The App

Just $79/Month

2 Adults + Unlimited Children

Two of you? Great!

Same great VIP membership features for two adults and unlimited children!

Just Select RediCare VIP2+ Once you Are In The App

Only $109/Month

Need More Adult Family Members?

Add any household family member/s over 18 years of age anytime! 

Add family members within your VIP App!

Only $30/Month

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