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“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”

– Jules Robson

The Story

We are living in a world where high deductibles and co-pays have somehow become the “norm”.  The average person and family are struggling or unable to afford even high deductible healthcare. With the cost of living and out of pocket medical expenses steadily increasing, RediCare is stepping in to help!

RediCare VIP’s mission is to make everyday healthcare available to families without financial concerns.

Values & Beliefs


RediCare VIP’s mission is to make everyday healthcare readily available to families of all sizes.

Excellent Care

All clinical partners are hand-vetted to ensure only the best care is provided to our VIP’s.


RediCare believes everyone should be capable of seeking medical treatment whenever necessary. Hence our flat monthly and annual membership options including unlimited visits.

What To Expect?

The RediCare VIP Blog has just begun!

We are excited to provide you with the latest and greatest health news and trends. You can also expect loads of beneficial articles focused on the art of healthy living and even a fun challenge or two!

When we say “healthy living” we mean all aspects of your health! Everything from managing your weight, reducing your stress, creating a work-life balance schedule, fitness support, and so much more!

So get “Redi”, and stay tuned! RediCare VIP is here to change how we “do” healthcare.

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