5-5-5 challenge

5 weeks, 5 habits, 5 lbs.

Are you ready?!

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.”

– Joyce Meyer

The Challenge

Follow these five behavior tricks for five weeks and loose up to five lbs!

Managing your weight does not have to be stressful; it takes consistency, some discipline, and most certainly balance.

In today’s world, most people eat 80-90% unhealthy or heavily processed foods, and only 10-20% healthy wholesome foods.  What you want to achieve is 80-90% healthy and 10-20% of the time still enjoy your sweet or greasy treats.

Challenge yourself and stick with these 5 behavior steps closely for 5 weeks and track your end results. Let’s take a look at them now.

5 Habits

#1 Drink a large glass of water before eating

#2 Set your utensil DOWN or choose chop sticks

#3 Eat only at the dining table

#4 Wear form fitting or tight clothing

#5 Make 1/2 your plate veggies and eat them FIRST

#1 Drink a large glass of water before eating

Before eating a meal, snack or even so much as a bite of food, drink a large glass of water.

Before going back for seconds, refilling your popcorn bowl, or adding a round of dessert, drink another large glass of water.

This helps to:
  • Reduce your overall caloric intake
  • Allow time for your body to feel satiated
  • Reduce mindless eating
  • Keep you well hydrated

#2 – Set your utensil DOWN or choose chopsticks

Set your utensil down after every bite. Yup, we said it, every bite. Chew thoroughly. Swallow. Then pick up your utensil again, and repeat.

Yes…this seems silly however, you will be surprised by the result. If you’re eating finger food, cut it up! (Pizza, burgers, whatever!).

If setting your utensils down is too easy, choose chopsticks!

This helps to:
  • Ease digestion
  • Allow your body time to feel satiated
  • Build new behaviors for eating slower in the future

#3 Eat only at the dining table

Commit to eating all snacks and meals sitting at the kitchen table.

Resist the urge to grab food and eat while walking around the house, snacking while cooking, sitting on the couch, etc.

This helps to:
  • Limit mindless eating
  • Avoid unnecessary calories
  • Reduces snacking

#4 Wear form-fitting or tight clothing

Wear snug, form-fitting clothing. This is NOT meant to make you feel insecure; this is meant to keep you aware of your body.

Have you ever overindulged wearing a form-fitting suit or dress?… Doubtful! Sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt?… You know it! It’s much easier to overconsume when we don’t have to think about our bodies form or size.

This helps to:
  • Keep you aware of your body
  • Stop you from eating when you are full
  • Reduce overeating at home
  • Maintain posture and improve core strength

#5 Make 1/2 your plate veggies and eat them FIRST

This last habit is two-fold. Part 1. Fill 1/2 your plate at each meal with vegetables of any kind (No added cheese, butter, or heavy sauces).

Part 2, always eat the vegetables first before your other foods.

This helps to:
  • Increase your nutrient intake
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Fill your stomach with healthy fiber
  • Lower your total caloric intake at each meal

Challenge Accepted 

Don’t Wait! Start Today! 

Ready, set, go!

Don’t wait until next week or even tomorrow; start your challenge today. It’s only five weeks and five small behavior changes to focus on. 

The more consistent you are, the more results you will see! 

If you cannot do all five behaviors, then stick to at least 3.  Keep us posted on your progress and share your results!

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