It's That Time Again

When The Holidays Are Near

Let’s talk about “tricks” for navigating those treats!

“Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.”


Tis’ The Season…

The holidays are back and you know what that means…sugar, sugar, and more, you guessed it, sugar!  How much sugar does the average American consume during the holiday season…the answer is, more than they should!

The recommended maximum daily intake for sugar is 10% of calories per day. That means the average American should be consuming less than approx. 100-200 calories from added sugar per day. Which is approx. 6-10 teaspoons of sugar depending on your daily caloric requirements. 

The problem? The average American is consuming between 15-17% or more of their daily calories in sugar.  That’s 15-17 teaspoons of sugar per day! 

Where’s It All Coming From…

Let’s check some of your Halloween favorite candies.

Dove Chocolate: 5 Tsp. of sugar

Full size Starburst: 8 Tsp. of sugar

Snickers Bar: 7 Tsp. of sugar

Heath Bar: 6 Tsp. of sugar

Almond Joy: 5.5 Tsp. of sugar

Milky Way Bar: 7 Tsp. of sugar

Butterfinger Bar: 6 Tsp. of sugar

Think The Fun Size Is Better?…Guess again!

Before you peek…think about how many “fun size” wrappers go into the garbage during the month of Halloween. 

Chances are…you’re eating 4-5 a night which is the equivalent or worse than one full size!

Dove Chocolate: 1.5 Tsp. of sugar

Full size Starburst: 2 Tsp. of sugar

Snickers Bar: 2 Tsp. of sugar

Heath Bar: 2 Tsp. of sugar

Almond Joy: 1.5 Tsp. of sugar

Milky Way Bar: 2 Tsp. of sugar

Butterfinger Bar: 2 Tsp. of sugar

Here Are Some “Tricks” to Control Those “Treat” Cravings!

“Trick” #1

Make a pact with yourself you can only enjoy a reasonable amount of treats IF you consume wholesome and balanced meals throughout the day prior to. That means, whole grains, fruits, veggies, and/or lean protein. No cheating!

“Trick” #2

Try to ration the treats out this year. Instead of consuming 20oz of chocolate in one sitting, try eating 1oz or less of chocolate (or other sugary treats) per day. This will help control blood sugar spikes and make the excess calories less likely to be stored as fat.

“Trick” #3

Consume your treats during the daylight! Too often we can accumulate unnecessary calories with after-dinner desserts…when we’re already (for the most part) done burning calories. Switch it up this year. If you’re craving something sweet, try holding off until the daylight hours on the following day. You’ll know if you truly want something sweet and hopefully, burn off some of those excess calories.

“Trick” #4

Give yourself some “wiggle room” but not a California king! Set a healthy sweet “budget” for yourself; that means, you get to enjoy a reasonable and healthy amount of treats without feeling deprived. Set your “treat” budget on a daily or weekly basis so it stays fresh in your mind. There is nothing wrong with having a little something now and then, but in the right portions!

“Trick” #5

Find healthy alternatives! There are so many wonderful alternatives for the vast majority of America’s favorite sweet treats. Even pancakes can be healthy and made with limited ingredients!

Check out some of these recipes and packaged options!

“Trick” #6

It might seem simple but it’s effective…Don’t keep candy and sweets in the house! Easy? Eh, maybe or maybe not depending on your household. If you can’t keep it out of your home, try removing it from arms reach to limit the temptation.  Example: Grab a chair and a super secret jar, stash your sweets somewhere high, and far away. Research has shown when you have to really work at getting to tempting snacks, you’re far less likely to grab them. If they’re sitting on the counter, you’re likely to grab one with each passing glance!

“Trick” #7

Research is touch and go with this one but many people report great success with this tactic; get to the root of the problem and control the craving altogether.  Speak with your doctor and see if you have any potential medical risks from consuming raw apple cider vinegar.  People who consume ACV on a regular basis report to have a drop in sugar cravings all together and an easier time digesting foods. Sometimes this results in weight loss without forcing behavior change. ACV lovers report their habits naturally change when they stick to their small healthy dose of ACV. 


There are plenty of ways to counteract the “holiday weight gain” season that tends to plague many Americans. Regardless of what method/s you choose, make sure to have a plan in place before the sugar rush begins!

Be smart. Plan ahead. Control your portions and frequency. Have a method or plan in mind. Use alternatives when possible. And, most importantly, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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