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What Is RediCare VIP?

RediCare VIP is a private membership organization which provides a ‘gold standard’ healthcare program. RediCare VIP is designed to be affordable for families of any size and offer unlimited access to exceptional medical care.

RediCare VIP is not insurance, nor is it meant to be a substitute for major medical insurance.  In a world of high co-pays and deductibles, RediCare VIP’s mission is to make everyday healthcare available to families without financial concerns.

Over 200 services are included as well as 1000’s of lab tests and Rx discounts. RediCare VIP is a true revolution in personal healthcare with additional locations growing all the time.

Who Is RediCare VIP For?


Using RediCare VIP for your everyday primary and urgent care needs ensures you are not triggering potential co-pay, deductible, or post-visit invoice expenses.

With unlimited visits and children included, RediCare VIP can help reduce annual healthcare expenses and/or the risk of a financial crisis. Unexpected emergencies happen, when it comes to your families health, safer is wiser.

Memberships are offered on monthly or annual billing cycles. 

The Story

We are living in a world where high deductibles and co-pays have somehow become the “norm”.  The average person and family are struggling or unable to afford even high deductible healthcare. With the cost of living and out of pocket medical expenses steadily increasing, RediCare is stepping in to help!

RediCare VIP’s mission is to make everyday healthcare available to families without financial concerns.

Values & Beliefs


RediCare VIP’s mission is to make everyday healthcare readily available to families of all sizes.

Excellent Care

All clinical partners are hand-vetted to ensure only the best care is provided to our VIP’s.


RediCare believes everyone should be capable of seeking medical treatment whenever necessary. Hence our flat monthly and annual membership options including unlimited visits.

Why We Created RediCare

For the last 15 years, our sister company Kersh Health has been helping people live healthier, happier and lives.

Over the years, we continued hearing stories of how people did not feel capable of going to the doctor, or worse, feeling like they could not take their children to the doctor.

If that was not enough, we also heard the physician offices were often full!

After much thought, we believed we could create a better model – and so, with some terrific partners, RediCare VIP was born.

RediCare VIP today has multiple locations, some of which are 24/7, and over 200 of the most commonly used services and labs included.

Since the beginning, RediCare VIP only continues to grow adding more locations all the time. We pride ourselves on our user-friendly technology, medical services provided by our clinical partners and our member services.

Find out for yourself by joining RediCare VIP today!


“I had put off going to the doctor for 5 years with stomach pains, mainly for fear of cost. We bought RediCare in 2017 and went to the doctor the same day. Thankfully there was nothing seriously wrong, but they took great care of me. I received wonderful attention and stayed up to date with my follow-ups. I never paid anything more than my monthly subscription even after all the testing!”


“Honestly it the VIP membership is a blessing. With 5 kids, 3 who are continually injured in sports, RediCare has become a genuine savior for us – cannot recommend it enough.”


“I unexpectedly broke my leg from tripping (of all things!).  With RediCare VIP, I was examined with x-rays, and all booted up, in no time. I walked out of the urgent care with no bills. It’s a must-have for any family!”


Our Clinical Partners

The Best In Clinical Care

Rest assured our RediCare VIP Members receive only the best quality of care from our hand-vetted clinical partners. We maintain excellent relationships with each and every one of our clinical partners. 

Our RediCare VIP App makes it super easy to locate your nearest clinics and all of their information. Check the offered services, navigate directions, and even complete an early check-in. 

Get RediCare VIP today and live the life of a VIP.

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