RediCare VIP has a program that works for all Employers: small, medium or large. RediCare VIP is a direct primary care service offering that saves both employers and employees money. In addition, we offer a RediCare MEC for employers with 50 or more employees.

Small Employers (less than 50 employees)

  • Provides immediate healthcare coverage, no waiting period
  • Can be added anytime of the year not just during open enrollment
  • Can provide coverage for the employee and their family from day one
  • Reduces employee turnover
  • Can be part of a QSEHRA offering for added tax savings utilizing our RediCare MEC

Medium Employers (50+ employees)

  • RediCare MEC provides preventative care and sick care services saving the employer tens of thousands of dollars
  • Provides immediate healthcare coverage, no waiting period
  • Tax benefits by using RediCare as part of an ICHRA offering
  • Combining RediCare with a Health Share product for hospitalization, provides comprehensive coverage that is an alternative to expensive major medical plans saving employers and employees tens of thousands of dollars
  • Reduces the current aggregate healthcare spend for premiums, reinsurance, and self pay obligations
  • Employees spend less out of pocket monies for healthcare expenses

Large Employers – Fully Insured and Self Funded

  • Can be seamlessly added to existing ERISA plans
  • No waiting period and can be added at anytime of the year
  • Reduces Employer out of pocket payments to physicians, laboratories, and pharmacy, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Reduces employee out of pocket expenses for high deductible plans resulting in higher take home pay

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