RediCare VIP Friends & Family

Now We're Giving Back!!

RediCare VIP Friends & Family

You have been telling us how much you’re enjoying RediCare VIP and we’ve heard you!

“Fantastic care”, “huge financial savings”, “lifesaver” – We thank you for your heartfelt feedback!

So we got to thinking…It’s time to say “thank you”! Now, you can help others learn about truly affordable healthcare and we’ll give you a helping hand in return!

Introducing, our Friends & Family Program.

Here’s How It Works!

For every friend or loved one who joins RediCare VIP as a result of your referral, we will give you $5.00 every month for as long as they remain a member!

You can do two things with your $5.00 referral bonus:

Option 1.) Reduce your monthly RediCare VIP subscription each month – you can earn FREE RediCare with your referrals!

Option 2.) Donate your friends and family referral earnings to your charity of choice at the end of the year.


How To Participate?


1.)  Login to your RediCare VIP App, open your menu and look for the “Invite A Friend” option.

2.)  Click the big red “Plus” Button.

3.) Enter your referral’s details and click “invite”. That’s it!

What Happens Next?

Your referral will receive a personal invitation and their name will be listed within the “invite a friend” section of your app.

When a referral joins, you will see a little green check next to their name.

Each month you will receive a referral overview displaying your invites and your referral bonus total.  Whether you choose membership savings or charity donations, enjoy helping yourself and others!

Have a Question?

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